French Language and Website Translation

We specialise in website translations in South Africa. Drawing on two decades of web design experience and search engine optimisation, we are uniquely positioned to provide accurate translations of every aspect of your website, including more technical translations of meta tags such as page titles, search keywords, page descriptions, alt tags, images, links and filenames so that all translated pages remain search engine friendly.

Advanced understanding of translating websites

We will ensure that a foreign language visitor will feel at ease when browsing through your website, thereby giving you the best possible opportunity to do business with French speakers.


We cover several popular computer languages. If you have an ASP or HTML website we can convert it to PHP and make it dynamic with a database.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We offer professional search engine optimization in most european languages. This enables your company website to rank on both local and foreign websites, dramatically increasing the exposure of your business and your potential client base.

Web Hosting South Africa

We work closely with well-known companies that provide web hosting in south africa to ensure that any translated website design projects that we manage for you are hosted on robust servers with optimum uptime and availability. We can also assist with registering or managing your domain name.